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0.76 bug? when playing games


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Hi all!

I dont know if this is bug or something but sometime (i encounter this 2 time today) it automaticaly close it self or got error when playing games dont know why, ex i play nfsmw and now o2jam my bitcomet closed and got error.

By the way I'm currently using bitcomet 0.76. before I'm using 0.70 and never got this problem.

any help? thanks btw, this is not a high priority to me I just want to inform others report thats it.

thanks for reading this post B)

edited: I receive error again my bitcomet 0.76 close again. maybe he dont want me to do anything :unsure:.

mayby the 0.70 is best to use for a while. see you later guys. :P

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Hi Striker,

Games require alot of system resources, and its best to play them without other programs running in the background.

If you continue to do this, then I strongly suggest you stick with a stable version of bit comet (.70)


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