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crash of bit comet


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hey guys...i hope u can help me..

while the programm works it suddendly stops and a new window opens that says ''0.70 bitcomet.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.we aresorry for the inconvinience''

i tried sending the error report but i got no answer...

the report has two files in it

one called ''errorlog.txt'' and one called ''crash.dmp''

please help me dudes.....what can i do???it happens all the time!

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Regarding the error report.

This is sent direct to our developers to help us improve our software, its not intended to diagnose what problems exsist with your computer.

You will not recieve a reply to your error report, but its data will be used to improve future versions of Bit Comet.

If you are running a stable version of bit comet, the newest at this time is .70, and a reinstall isn't helping, then the problem is not likely related to bit comet. It could be another program that is running in the background causing bit comet to crash.

If you are using one of the newer versions, and it isn't working to your satisfaction, the please go back to a stable version.


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