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You have to have one of three things to play a bootleg/copy of a PS2 or Xbox game.

1) Boot-loader (easiest way, no damage to system)

2) Mod Chip (voids your warranty)

3) System Software mod. (voids your warranty)

And that's only if the person ripped the game properly to begin with. Then you have to burn it properly. I have given up on these since I never see instructions in any of the things I have downloaded.

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If you are using a ps2, I'm told the best way to "mod" is with a "case mod" and swap disc. One of our staff at "tus" does this.

Its very easy, you only need a screw driver to open your ps2 and remove the case, then install the internal parts into the new case. This will allow you to change discs without having the ps2 reboot, so you boot it up from the boot disc, then you can play any discs you want. I'm told the case and swap disc cost about $100 usd.


ps. this is also reversable, so you can reinstall the orignal case if it needs to be returned/exchanged for warrenty.

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