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Connection Troubles


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Hello, i'm completely new with BitComet and i really would like to use it. There is probably some really easy way around this but i cannot connect to be able to aquire dowlnoads. I have turned off my firewall, and i am connected to a router as im on my laptop which is on a LAN but i can use other programs like Bearshare to download no problem.

Here is a screenshot


any help greatly appreciated

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I would like our support team to look at this, as you should be able to atleast browse the web with bit comets browser, so something is surely blocking your connection.

In the mean time, your gonna want to forward your listening port in your router, and setup a static IP address in windows.

Portforward.com has guides for doing this, complete with screenshots for most routers.

In the meantime, please tell use what firewalls are installed (even if turned off), and any other "security" programs.

Also some basic info on your internet connection would be helpful, as well as the make and model of your router.


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First, turning off your firewall is a really bad idea. It's like taking your front door off the hinges because you had some trouble with the lock. Don't be too surprised if you come back to find your stuff is missing (such as your identity), and that you have several uninvited visitors in your living room (adware, trojans, spyware).

Notwithstanding that, the common cause for what you're seeing is, in fact, a software firewall, blocking outgoing requests from BitComet. It's often the case that people have multiple software firewalls installed without realizing it. Several of the so-called "security suites" include firewalls without being terribly explicit about that.

Software firewalls have to be told to permit outgoing connections, or they block them by default. This is, sorta, desired behaviour in order to keep nasties from phoning home. (It assumes, though, that you can tell a nasty from a legit program. Most people can't.)

It looks like you will have to play "find the firewall". Once you find it, you'll need to decide what to do about it. Multiple firewalls are a real management hassle (like, umm, THIS problem...) without any increase in security. So just use one, and uninstall the other(s) if you can, or disable them if you can't. But don't connect to the internet without a firewall.

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