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MAC Spoofing...

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Hi all, just registered and had a quick browse to see if anyone else had this problem but couldn't find anything.

Whenever I use BitComet, after about an hour or two of downloading I get a Bullguard pop up saying 'Mac Spoofing detected'. The strange thing is the IP/MAC address is coming from one of the machines on our local network (all wireless). Is there anyway to stop this happening? Everytime it happens it locks the internet and to fix it means a router restart. It's not exactly hard work to do (simple unplug and plug back in) but it's a pain in the back side to keep doing it.

No other programs cause this, only BitComet.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Are you sure its one of your machines and not someone trying to leach off your wireless.

Have you set up MAC filtering on your router?

What wireless security is your router using?

It's definately one of our machines as the IP is 10.0.0.x which AFAIK is a common LAN IP.

I didn't set the router up so I don't whats what there.

As for security, theres built in firewall, WEP key and each of the machines using Bullguard firewall.

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I would suggest you double check by setting new encryption for each user. It would be very easy for your encryption to be "leaked" by a user, or hacked by a knowledgable hacker.

You will know if changing all the keys solves the problem (at least temporary).

If the problem returns, you will need a more secure encryption method.

If new encryption codes don't help, then you will need help for a good network admin, or tech support from your router or security software company.


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