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Problem with all P2P programs i.e. BC


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Hey guys, I am really new to this. I have tried using emule on my pc before but found it does not work at all and the internet connection dies the second I turn it on. I thought it was emule's fault and got rid of it. Ares kept me busy for a while but I got bored of it for various reasons.

I am now using Bit Comet but recently it started doing the same thing. So i figured it takes up too much traffic to upload and once i made it quite small everything worked fine. I was not very happy with download speeds of 2kb/s with an 8meg broadband so I thought I would use U torrent as my friend suggested...but that didnt even work so I am back to BC now. Strangely enough it just so happens that its now terminating my internet connection the second I run it too. and obviously its not just because of this particular program as other ones did the same thing before.

Maybe there is something I should know that I dont? please please please help me resolve this problem

Thanks in advance

(sorry for boring you with the story) :blink:

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I have an 8mb broadband and my pc is connected to a router. there is another computer thats connected to it as well. and usually my relative does all the work around networking because I am really not good with it but this time he has no idea what to do.

I suspect that BC (version 0.70) is trying to get into the settings of my internet connections or the router to change the ip or whatever it does. and My router might be set to disconnect all incoming traffic whenever something tries to override its settings. As far as I know it could be treating BC as a virus or something like that.

I can't believe nobody had this problem before?

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Your router might be resetting if you have too many connections. A real easy way to determine if the router is the problem would be to simply bypass it. Connect one of your computers direct to the modem, then see if it works.

You might also want to have your ISP test your connection, which is very easy for them to do.

Also, if you havn't already done so, you should setup static IP addresses for both computers, and forward their listening ports to each of their local IP addresses. This will greatly improve your downloading speeds.


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You should also check to see if your modem & router have firmware updates.

thanks guys...i will try to do that...might take me a few months since I have no idea how to do all that and am going to learn...

being a first year computer science student this stuff should really interest me shouldnt it:)

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