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BT 0.70 not downloading


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I have BT 0.70 for both my desktop and laptop, but it is totally two different issues, which bitdave helping me to resolve the freezing problem by asking me to download peerguardian 2, it is working now, but not sure if it will stop again, it just started for about 10 minutes; my laptop have an even bigger issue, it is not downloading, although I use the same wireless router, (my desktop also use wireless device not network cable), so my laptop should work at the same time. I believe there may be something wrong with my connection, I saw some other post for similar issue, that suggest user to use portforwarding.com, but it does not support my router, which is D-Link DL-634M, please help me out if you have any idea afer you read the following screen shot. Thanks in advance.











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I havn't reviewed all your screenshots (just heading to bed), but will look closer tomorrow, if one of our support team doesn't get to help you first. I just wanted to comment on...

You have your global max upload rate set to 3kB/s

This is extremly slow, and will really hurt your download rate, so I strongly suggest you set it to 80% of your total upload your ISP provides. If you set it higher then 80%, that could also hurt your download rate.


ps. sorry for not offering more help, but am very tired and need sleep :)

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I saw some other post for similar issue, that suggest user to use portforwarding. com, but it does not support my router, which is D-Link DL-634M

Hi Juniorlau,

The D-Link 634M is a new and very advanced router with MIMO technology. I'm sure that this router has settings to forward ports for it's clients. Assuming that that is what you meant in your post. Look trough the manual again.

Further on, it's important how your router is connected to your modem. If your modem is working in bridge-mode you only have to forward ports on your router. If your modem is working as a modem with the router as a client you have to forward ports on your modem to your router and on your router to your router clients.

Also be aware that this modem has advanced security technology too such as a SPI firewall.

Please take good note of what Suspect wrote. 3 kB/s upload? I don't think you like to be connected to peers with this value.


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Mod Edit: No need to quote the entire previous post

Thanks Petch01. You mean my new router prevent me from downloading? If that's the case, my desktop should have the same issue, but my desktop has no dl problem, it's problem is freezing, but still downloading for about 1-2 hrs at least. For sure, I will check the router setting again later.

Suspect- It's fine, when you have enough rest, I believe you can better help everyone in the board. Thanks for all your effort.

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Hi, I have reviewed your screenshots, and agian want to say that you will have better results if you run only one torrent at a time, and properly set your upload speed.

Since your router is not listed at portforward.com, I suggest you contact Dlink tech support, and I'm sure they will help you forward your port. Dlink calls this a "virtual server".

I think this is likely the reason why you can't connect to the tracker.

You could try enabling Upnp, if your router support it, but you would be better to manual configure your port. When you do, then be sure UpNp is disabled.

I would also recommend a better firewall then windows firewall. Although it will stop many threats from coming inbound, its pretty much worthless at stopping outgoing connections. Mcafee and sygate are my two favorite, the former is very easy, the latter is most secure (although will block every little process that windows uses, so will take time to setup).

You might also want to bypass router (conect computer direct to modem), so you can confirm its the router that is blocking your connection with tracker.


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Thanks! But actually, my desktop also use the same wireless router, it did download the movie except that it freeze sometime after 1 hr or so..but my laptop is totally not downloading at all, so I think there is something wrong with my set up, but I just don't understand, cuz I tried to mirror everything like my desktop setting, but it still not downloading....

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