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NFS Carbon rewiew


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Like after all the work the guys where doing, they finnally finshed the new Carbon Version of NFS, i think it's just an smaller/very small release (cas of the city size and the story) release like underground 2, or most wanted had a bigger city and it took more to finish it... As A first time player of after the underground(first time I play NFS), I say it's cool, but some of my friends they use all the same graphics, and stuff like that...

The story: you was in a race (winning as ussual, one of the best, first in line) and suddenly a wave of electricity hits the competitors cars and stops them like in fast and furious 2, and you must find who swithced the bag whith the winners money...

PS. The drifts are very very very... very hard like the real thing... the police is easy to beat at the lower levels of bounty... at higher levels you get to race against poli sports cars and hammers... Good thing the US goverment doesn't spent the cash on such expensive items...

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although I have this version, I have yet to install it. I don't get much time for games anymore.

I have all versions of N4S, going back to the orignal released in 1995, and runs on win9x only.

I like them all, although porche unleashed was kinda boring. I guess if you really like porches, then it would be ok.

I really liked the second version, just called "need for speed 2". It will run on any Pentium, or even a fast 486, and is fun. A good choice for someone who hasn't the money for an upto date computer with a high powered video card.


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