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How to use diz, nfo & txt file?


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I am just entered into this good forum to get help from experts..

Some crack sites while cracking, insteed of giving exe to overwrite, they give .diz,.nfo, serial.txt files thro' .rar or zip files.

But some softwares never give any serial number popup to enter serial numbers.

Just I wanted to learn how to crack these softwares with these .diz,.nfo & serial.txt files.

Can any body hel me?


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a .diz , .nfo are all .txt files (in some way or another) ALL of them can be opened with notepad.

they are just standard txt documents really......

however,nfo's, are a ASCII txt files... ( so they basicaly have pictures made of letters... :unsure: its hard to explain really.

If you want to view them in something other than notepad (a program most windows computers have, unless you have deleted it lol) click the following link ---> DAMN_NFO_Viewer

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