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BitComet users ostracised?


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It seems that certain trackers are inhibiting dl'rs that utilise BitComet as their clent of choice. Firstly i didn't know this could be done with torrents and secondly are the BitComet developers gonna do anything about it. Like when they introduced encyption to beat ISP bandwidth throttling.

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There is a lot of missinformation about bit comet going around. This first started what "dht" (distributed hash table) was intruduced. Bit comet was among the first clients to use this form of tracking torrents. It was later discovered that our client could be "hacked" to force dht usage in torrents that don't allow it. This problem only effected two versions of bit comet, version .59 and .60.

The problem was quickly corrected, and no longer an issue, but this didn't stop the rumors from continuing.

As for your suggestion, it would be possible to make bit comet represent itself as a different client to "trick" private trackers, but doing so would make our client the leech tool that others claim it is, so this will NEVER happen.

The best course of action to take is to educate the admins that run private trackers. We will help in any way we can if you want to request they allow bit comet.

If you want to use a private tracker that doesn't allow bit comet, then there is no reason you cannot install a second client on your system.

If you want a full featured client, Azureus is a popular one. If you want one that is very lean (low on resources), then Utorrent is very good.



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The problem is:

All the other clients sux!!

I used azureuz for some time, but i had speed problems and firewall problems, got BC and it was all heaven until some b******'s at a site i sometimes download anime dvd's from remembered that BC was a bad client for they tracker and i was forced to go utorrent, and of course it was all disappointment over such client, the lack of some features and speed problems, having a 8Mb connection rated at around 900+KB/s with utorrent i cant seem to get past 300k/s, i tried some tweek in the options but didn't fixed the problem, so once again im using the best client BC but cant get anything from that place with it...


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Reason still seems to be the best approach.

You'll find plenty of people saying what an awful client this one is, or how that one cheats, or the other is full of spyware. You will NOT find those people in this forum, making suggestions to change real problems. Funny, that...

If a tracker wants to ban a client for a specific reason, it seems only logical to ask for proof of that reason. In the absence of proof, most people will agree that it's just wrong to ban a client based on unproven and unproveable rumor and hearsay.

When there really is a problem, the developers take it seriously and fix it. But most of the problems aren't real, don't exist, and are usually based on misunderstanding, bad information, or operational stupidity. There's quite a lot of that last.

If the tracker operator is amenable to reason, simply communicating with him is your best approach. If he's not, then not using that tracker anymore is a better approach.

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ok i have to say this... I have had the same problem as stated above and i tryed going into the tracker's irc chennel (as their forums haven't worked right since i joined) and not only was I told that bit comet was a bad programand that if i wanted to use their tracker i should d/l Utorrent which i have on my pc and think it seems silly switch but they were rude about it and when i asked why they said not only was this a bad program but it is a hit and run program and that no one on here ever seeds anyways my point being i know others that use bit comet for this specific trracker and have no problems yet i can't get mine to work so i have come to the conclusion that maybe the tracker isn't worth me movin to another client as i can get other private trackers to work and all in all i think bit comet is the better of the clients i have tried and trust me i have tried a few.

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