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Should I get BitComet .77?


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Heres the changes :-

Changes in version 0.77, 2006.11.18 :

- GUI Improved: add recycle bin to place tasks deleted temporarily

- GUI Improved: add toolbar button, task list context menu item and Delete hot-key to delete task to recycle bin

- GUI Improved: add the function to to capture http/ftp file download in IE

- GUI Improved: add a setting to specify the file types to be captured when IE downloads file in in preferences dialog

- GUI Improved: add "Download Videos using BitComet" command in IE context menu as a option

- GUI Improved: adjust postion of splitters automatically when resizeing main window to keep optimal layout

- GUI Improved: display translated text in status-bar in the language of user chosen when mouse hover in the toolabr

- GUI Improved: dislpay the number of imported urls in the selection dialog of download all links in webpage

- GUI Improved: new toolkit: FlvPlayer

- GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that the task list is cleared and not displayed after switch UI language

- Core Improved: add the function of searching mirror site automatically for HTTP download task

- Core Improved: add the function of download video files in webpage

- Core Bugfix: fix the bug that the program may crash when only download partial files in a BT task

For some reason since version .70 came out none of the newer ones have been classed as stable, not quite sure when a release is going to become a 'stable' client.

Try the newer ones if you wish if no problems then fine stick with it if its buggy to you then go back to .73 :)

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Version .71 was a complete overhaul of the client, and had alot of reports of being unstable.

Our developers have been hard at work on improving the new client, so I do suggest you try the latest version.

for members that have problems, we still recommend version .70


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