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With the scant amount of information provided in your post, I'm surprised that someone has offered to help.

(Thanks dawin45.)

when downloading a torrent using bit comet when you have succesfully downloaded one why does it then upload afterwards

You have just received a file thanks to the sharing capacity of someone else (seeders & peers), in the swarm (if you don't know what this means, read the excellent Guides we have in the forum). The LEAST that you can do, in turn, is share with others what YOU have. You've 'leeched' a complete copy of whatever, now it is expected that you will share back the same amount (the ratio that dawin45 mentions) to others.

... also how do you play a file ?

It depends on the type of file it is (ie. what's the file's extension? - .avi, .mp3, .bin/.cue, etc).

I suggest that you spend a bit of time reading and learning about BitTorrents, as I'm sure that you'll be able to find the answers you're seeking, with a minimum amount of effort.


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