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Newbie question about Winrar


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I´m all new to this torrent stuff, but I have downloaded a couple of movies and now my question is:

In the folder of one TV show (Prisonbreak) there was 36 files named R00 to R35, a sfv-file, a rar-file that contained a avi-file and a nfo-file.

How do I get these file into one watchable file?

I read in a manual on this forum that you should open the R00 files with WinRar but then I do that every one of these files contains a folder with the same files that are in the main folder. The only difference is that now the R00...R35 files have the rar icon, but every file still contain the same files like in the main folder.

Sound confusing?

I can add a picture if you want me too.

Hoping for help

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You only need to open any one of the files, and all will extract in the proper order.

this is a multi part compressed archive, kinda like a "file.zip", but in many parts.

If you have winrar installed, you can just open the folder they are in, "right click" and select "extract here".


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thanks for the correction but I always unpack the rar by selcteng all archives... so I won't miss any one of those...

its not necessary to select all, and depending on what command you use, it could attempt to extract the archive many times, so its best not to advise people to use that proceedure.

The only time you might have a problem is if you have more then one "multipart archives". For example, there are sometimes a two disc set (for example). So when you extract the first file, and get a disc image of 700mb, but the torrent was 1400mb, then you know there is a second disc there.

The second disc will always have a slightly different file name, but if your not paying attentions, its possible to miss it.

I have seen people extract disc one, then delete all the pieces, only to find it asking for disc two during installation, or only have half a movie.

Always compare the size of the file/s you extracted to the orignal, and this will not happen.


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Unfortunately I deleted the folder that I had all the R00...R35 files in, but if I understand you right I should right-click in the folder (not on a single file?) and extract it do this folder (the one that the files are in).

If so, what happens? What kind of files will these "R"-files contain? And how do I make one single file that I can watch?

I´m curious to know, since this will probably happened more times.

Hope my english is OK (I´m from Sweden)

Thanks anyway for all the replies

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You "right click" on any one of the FILES, not the folder.

You will need all the pieces in order to extract the file/s.

As for what type of files are in an archive, they could be any type. Think of it as a "box" that you picked up somewhere, could be a TV set, a kitchen table, or stuffed full of bricks. There is no way for us to know what someone put into the archive.

Be also warned, some .rar archives have passwords.


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