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how to publish torrent file?


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i got some download depending...

before i can resume them, i have to upload some file right?

but i dunno how to publish torrent i created??

here i attached the torrent files...plz advice :unsure:

I think i know what you are trying to say . No you don't have to make a file so you can download . But from the way i understand it is yes you must allow for uploads and it maybe it's just a folk tale but i was told the more bandwith you allow peers to up load with the faster you can download .

Now i have a file that has been sitting at 96.4 % for 2 days but that is only because all of the seeders are at the same point .

If you want a file and it only has 1-4 seeders then it could take a long time to get going . Check this load up comet then click on your file that you want once it says started now move down and select Peers then look at the bottom and you will see everyone with that file if you are like me and all of the seeders are at 96.4% then you will not be able to get any more of that file until somebody logs in with 96.5 and above

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It's far from a folk tale, it is the essence of bittorrent.

You are expected to share the pieces you download. You basically trade them with other leechers. If you have nothing to offer them, they won't offer you very much or very often, so your download will be very, very slow. The better a trading partner you are, the more others will want to swap with you and the faster your downloads will be.

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