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Demonoid ratio indicator


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The little orb next to your name on Demonoid that shows your upload ratio as changed on my account.I cannot make out the picture because it's too small,but it's square,multi coloured and flashes.Everyone elses seem to have not changed from the usual green/red orb.

Why could it have changed.

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This isn't Demonoid.

Flashing orbs there indicate something about your account. A flashing red orb indicates you're in ratio trouble and need to address that. A flashing gold orb indicates you have an exceptionally good ratio, 3:1 or better, and get bragging rights.

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It's gone back to normal tonight, although it puzzled me!

I know about the red and gold orbs but this was square and multi-coloured. :blink:

It's back!!! I think it's a smaller version of the flashing Visa/Mastercard symbols on the right side of the header.

Quite like it now. B)

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If this is you...


then you do have a problem since your ratio is 0.5, and demoniod requires member to maintain 1.0 or better.

Keeping your ratio is easy, just start torrents seeding when you go to bed/work/away.


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