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How can I make finished downloads move to another location?


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Since I don't know what version of bit comet you have, I can only tell you how to do this in windows.

Open you download folder. Click on any file, or folder. Now "right click", and select "cut".

Go to the folder you want to put the files in, and "right click" and select "paste".

Note, you will want to remove the torrent from your client before you do this, or you will get an error message that the files are in use.

Another option would to be to use "copy" instead of "cut". This will make another copy of the files in your new location. Then when you are done seeding, you can remove the task and files together.


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Sorry? Was that a joke?

Most torrent clients have a setting to specify an 'in progress' and a 'finished' directory so you don't have to sort through 50 downloads to find the one that just finished, the program should be able to do that for you, does bitcomet not feature this functionality?


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Unfortunately, it does not. However, BitComet does have the optional function to add an extension, ".bc!", to unfinished downloads, which makes it easy to sort and spot the ones that have finished -- when the upload is finished, BitComet removes that added extension.

I agree that moving the finished file would be a good feature, though.

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