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Bittorrent is about sharing the bandwidth. What you're downloading comes not from some big central server, but from other people just like you. When you download a piece of a torrent, you turn around and upload it to somebody else, in exchange for a piece they've got that you need.

Your home broadband connection can, like nearly all others, download a lot faster than it can upload. Your download will finish by itself, absent running into any problems, and then it will automatically start seeding or uploading. You should continue that until your Upload/Download ratio reaches at least 1.0, meaning that you've shared as much as you've received. You can watch the file as soon as the download is complete, and you can copy, but not move, the file elsewhere if you wish. (You can move it too provided you learn how to redirect BitComet's upload to the new location.) You'll know that it's started seeding because BitComet will tell you so in the status for that task, and it will change the icon from a green down-arrow to an orange up-arrow.

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(small typo corrected in last two posts)

If you want to move the files while still seeding (not something most users would want to do), just stop your torrent, then close bit comet.

Move the files to your new location.

Start Bit Comet, "right click" on the torrent, select "properties". The browse to the new save location and start torrent. If it doesn't begin seeding, then you can do a manual hash check (also from "right click"). As long as you selected the correct location, it will work.

However, it is much easier to complete your seeding first, then move the files to any location you want, or select the final location you like before downloading.


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