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no uploads or new downloadsBitcomet won't download or upload .torrents

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all of the icons in front of the names in the tracker view are blue double arrows in the same direction i.e. [>>]. no new .torrents will download and no completed .torrents will upload. i tried updating bitcomet, but that didn't fix anything. is there a solution that does not involve reinstalling bitcomet?

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Please answer the questions in my siggy - it'll only take you a few minutes to do so and it'll probably give the Support team something on which to base their response.

Any additional information that you think may be pertinent to your issue, will be greatly appreciated.

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¿Qué versión de BitComet usa? - What version of BitComet are you using?

¿Qué tipo de conexión a Internet tiene? ¿Módem?? - What type of Internet connection do you have? Modem?

¿Usa un rúter? ¿Qué modelo? ¿Ha redirigido el puerto? - Are you using a router? What model? Did you forward your port?

¿Cuál versión de Windows cortafuegos y antivirus usa? - What Windows version, firewall and antivirus are you using?


When I first had the problem, I was using .68, then I upgraded to .77 and still the problem.

I'm using LAN, provided by my school.

I'm plugged directly into te wall. I don't know what it means to forward a port.

I'm using Windows XP, Norton Anti-Virus, and Windows Firewall

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Check your school policy about P2P and bittorrent in particular. It may be that they've blocked it which you might be able to get around: or it may be that they've forbidden it, in which case evading the block will subject you to various unpleasant sanctions like losing internet access, losing access to the campus network entirely, or being expelled.

BitComet needs to communicate with other peers over the internet. So it needs a list of valid peers from the tracker. Check the trackers tab to see if you're getting an error or a problem there. Check your firewall to make sure BitComet has permission to access to the internet, since it sounds like all of its communications are being blocked by one or more of your firewalls.

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BitComet .70 didn't help and it seems like there ae no peers who are seeding, when there are. Also at the bottom, each torrent info says it cannot connect to tracker. The school doesn't have a strct policy on bandwidth, so i think i can get around it w/o the threat of disciplinary action. How though?

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