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manhunt install problem


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i downloaded manhunt and installed it with three cd's, i installed cd one and two , and then i put in cd three when cd three is about to be finished , i get an error pop up stating,...........error 1305 verify that manhunt . exe . exist and that you can access it ..............now ok on cd three is were the manhunt .exe. is located, and i click on the .exe. but it says i cannot open bcuz this file is already in use bcuz of the installshield is trying to install at the same time, so? can somone please give me a pointer here? please thanks =)

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You can rehash the files in bit comet, to make sure that they are intact, and not damaged while being saved on your hard drive.

You can also try burning CD 3 again, and use a burning program that verifies the data after burning. Img burn does this, and is free.

If you confirm that your disc is intact, and it still would not install, then visit the publishers web site. Most problems have already effected others, and you may find the answer in the FAQs or in their forum.


ps. Please do not make unnecessary replies to your topic like you did. We try to answer everyones topics within 24 hours. If no one replies within that time, you can feel free to send me a PM. If you continue to do this, your topic will be deleted.

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