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Crash in 0.78


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I noticed BitComet 0.78 was up today, so I figured I would give it a shot, since it looked like it fixed the memory leak issue in 0.76.

I downloaded, installed, and ran it (noticing you guys still didn't make the scroll bar start at the bottom like before...). I tried to start my downloads, and it crashes. I open it again, try to start the latest download, and it crashes. It looks like the torrent connects, and is just about to start downloading, but BitComet exits and brings up a screen to report the bug.

You can see what I'm running in the "Memory Leak" thread a bit below this one.

Is anyone else getting this problem? I switched to 0.77 (since it has the leak-fix too).

Edit: Bitcomet's been running for about a half hour now, and is still sitting below 40k. :lol:

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this is jsut f***ingly bullshit

how can u release a a****** version with such a simple crash ?? wtf is this ? now we cant resume the dl at all !!!!


EDIT by Staff:

This is no way to speak to someone that gives you something for free, and also provides free support.

You are both Ungreatful and Rude. Our staff volunteer our time to help the file sharing community, not to help people who post such rude and nasty comments.

Your posting privileges are now restricted until you apologize to our staff and members.

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If this version isn't working for you, then please use another version. We still consider the old client (version .70) to be the latest stable version. Version .77 is also very good, but still has some bugs. The "new" client will be awesome once all the bugs are fixed, so use it if it works for you, if now, use the old client.


ps. any members posting bad language and/or flaming will have their post privileges restricted.

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i just re-installed the old version. no more crash.

Yeah... I also try new version before... the download speed hanging at 1kb to 5kb per second. Now I still using version 0.70. So far so good.

Today just login here and see already have 0.79 ... haha... I don't trust it until a lot of ppl said it is good.

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