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*Newbie alert* slow speeds. cant find cure.

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My speed using bitcomet is really slow..the regular speed I will get for d/l is around 25 Kbs/s. most of the time it will be around the same for uploads. occasionally, I'll get upto 50kbs/s but this will not last long.

My speed test shows:

--1370 Kbps / 8 == 180 KB/s download

--280 Kbps / 8 == 33 KB/s upload

[ I have set my upload to 33kb/s. ]

Im using a Netgear WGR614v6 router, this is not on the bad router list, but the WGR614v5 is :unsure:

I have enabled unpup or whateva it is called on bitcomet and on my router settings.

can anybody give me some advice on getting my speeds up?

If ive missed any info let me know..thanks :)

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wow. I did it myself..following the guide.

Glad that you followed it and things improved (see, YOU did it, all on your own - that's how it should be) :)

I thought the guide was for losers but im getting 160kb/s now.

Ummm... well, I won't get into the term "losers" (I, personally, believe this term would be more appropiate for those that don't bother to actually make use of our excellent Guides)... but, I hope that you learned the purpose of our Guides - to help everybody get the maximum out of their client, by themselves.

cassie :)

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