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I've downloaded it, now how can I play it?


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The Point that Kluelos was making is that Bit Comet has done its job, the files are downloaded.

You will find them in the download folder you selected when you installed Bit Comet.

With over half million torrents active on the web at any given moment, we have no way of knowing what you downloaded.

If you would like to ask how to use the files, then you must list the full file names.

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Thanks. I'm a contributer to other sharing systems but very new to torrents.

It shows:

Bridge commander cracked .rar 395 mb 100%

torrent downloaded from demoid 47B 100%

The file has saved on my computer.

However, when I click on the icon it just says "torrent exists."

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Hi, the ".rar" means that this is a compressed archive, like a .zip.

You will need Winrar, which you can download a free trial version from Rarlabs.com (if that address isn't right, then google will find it for you)

Once you install winrar, go to your download folder in Windows (not bit comet).

right click on the .rar files and select "extract here"

This will open your .rar file

NOTE: if you can't see the .rar on the end of the file, then go to guides, and look for my post on "viewing file extensions"

After you are done, you will need to report what file/s you have after decompressing.


ps. torrents often have a file.nfo with details on using it. This is a text file and can be opened in notepad

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When you're getting the "torrent exists" error, it indicates a knowledge gap.

The .torrent file contains data that tells your client how to obtain the contents. Once you have the contents, you're done with the .torrent file, it's not what you need to be looking at any more. Now you need to deal with the contents, which in this case is that .rar file.

It's going to be generally up to you to figure out what to do with the content of most torrents. You'll come to recognize the various types and what needs to be done with them with experience.

Meanwhile, there's a post in the Guides and How-To's forum that's directly on point "How to open your completed torrent downloads", which you should read. There's probably other things in there that would repay reading while you're there.

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