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Bitcomet 0.79 throughput problem


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I moved from version 0.70 to 0.79 and the download came down from about 20kB/s to around 2 or 3 KB/s

I moved back to 0.70 and the download speed went back to around 20kB/s. Upload speed had the same behaviour.

I am using Winsows XP Pro SP2

I use a cable connection and Norton Internet security personal Firewall.

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When changing versions, always be sure to delete and re-create your firewall rules for that application. Many firewalls treat a different version as a new program for which they have no rules and so block it by default.

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I had what appeared to a similar problem when I upgraded to 0.79, but what I eventually found was the download speed took a lot lot LOT longer to build up. If I was going to get (say) 30kB/s on 0.70 it would have got to that in 30 secs or so (as I got more and more connections). But with 0.79 it can take 5 or more minutes to get to 30kB/s ... It seems to take far longer to get connections.

Although I have to say I no longer get the same MAX download rates as I did on 0.70 ... but then maybe it's just the particular torrents i'm downloading.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you should be able to get the same downloads speeds, but you just have to wait a little longer.

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With me, it was the other way round... version 0.79 started off like a rocket, either up- or donwloading...

Am running a WINXP-Pro SP2 based Pentium D940, with 2GB RAM, Thompson USB modem, no router.


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I switched from v0.70 to 0.79 and also noticed a throughput problem.

I've compared both versions using same set of torrents and settings.

With 0.79 it took nearly twice as long to build up the connections showing also very bad quality[%] realtive to 0.70.

No matter how many torrents I added I never got above 800 Kb/s. When using 0.70 with the same torrents I could quickly push to 1.5 Mb/s which is also my maximum bandwidth.

I repeated the test a few times with different number of torrents switching also router / HW firewall, but same result. Now I'm back to 0.70 which works great for me but has no scheduler.


- Win XP Pro SP2

- 1GB / AMD 3800+

- tcpip.sys: 100 con. max

- Software FW disabled

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