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BIN files... how the heck do i do this


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Sure, I can help.

In most cases .bin file with have a .cue file with the same name.

If you don't see the .cue file, then windows is hiding your file extensions, so go to the guides section of this forum, and look for my post regarding hiding file extensions.

AFTER you confirm that you do infact have a .bin/.cue disc image, then you will need to burn a disc, or mount the disc image in a virtual CDrom drive.


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A couple of good prgs that support the .BIN & .CUE file-formats are Nero and Alcohol 120%, though I, personally, would recommend Alcohol 120% over Nero.

I use that all the time to rip my CD-ROM games to my HD, and to use the virtual DVD (and CD) drive that it creates on my computer, and of course to use the .BINs & .CUEs that I d/l from the torrents. :)

You should be able to find one of several copies of this prg being shared on the torrents at any given time.

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