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Estimated Remaining Time miscalculation


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I've noticed a miscalculation in the estimated remaining time when downloading a torrent. This occurs when one or more of the peers you're downloading from has a download rate lower than 1 KB/s, shown in Bytes.

I'm using version 0.79, on WinXP, and I have a DSL connection.

Here are two screenshots, making clear what I mean.

This screenshot shows the error - it seems to be caused by a wrong interpretation of the download rate (BC thinking it's in KBs while it's in Bytes):


This screenshot shows that with no less-than-one-kb download rates, the error doesn't show.


Hope you take this into consideration for the next release - don't think it's that hard to solve ;)

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Should be in the Bug Reports subforum. Could somebody move this?

I was just thinking the same thing. In fact, I will send this direct to our developers. However is it is a very minor bug, I'm not sure if it will be addressed until some more serious issues are resolved.


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I get this as well but it doesn't matter, it will never finish in the time estimated, even if the estimation is right. Theres really no need for this feature to be there anyways, as your download speeds will always change due to people logging on and off and having upload slots become available and so forth.

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I've never relied on any time estimation, not even when simply copying a file from one place to another in Windows. All such are based on the transfer rate at the microsecond of calculation, and anything that changes the rate (which something or other always will) means the calculation was worthless. BC's hardly unique in this, but you should always take any time estimate from your computer as the roughest of estimates.

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