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downloading games


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I finally completed a game and now there is a red arrow pointing up so im guessing its uploading. I really want to play this game. How do I finish this download then install it, any help is much appriciated! thanks!!!

yes the red arrow means you are uploading and your download is complete. to install it you have to give us a lot more info. what type of file is it? iso, bin, mdf, rar? won't be able to help really until we get more info. my advice would be to locate it in your download file and click on it and see what happens.

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alright well ive been sitting here for 2 hours because I've been expecting something that might of helped. I mean u guys arent networking geniuses or anything, but ya all I wanted was an answer to a simple question for you guys, but I guess not. thanks for the effort

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Our staff are all volunteers here, and we try to answer all posts within 24 hours, often sooner.

First of all, since Bit Comet has done its job, this should have been posted in "non bit comet" questions.

What you need to do, is look in your downloads folder, and tell us what file/s you have downloaded.

You may find that your file extensions are hidden (the last part of the file, like "file.exe" the ".exe" part is the extension. Look in our guides section to learn how to stop windows from hiding file extensions.

One member thinks this is a .nrg file, but there could be hundreds of torrents for this game, and as many different, so I can't be sure that is correct.

.nrg is a "nero" disc image. You would burn this to either a cdrom disc, or dvdrom disc, then install.

Another option would be to "mount" the file in a virtual CDrom drive.


ps. I will move this question to the proper location in the future, so you will know to expect it to be moved.

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Look in the "Guides and How-To's" forum for a topic titled "How do you open your completed torrent downloads?"

While you are in that forum, you might want to spend some time reading other topics which may answer many of your questions.

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