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a torrents "health" is how many people are downloading it in proportion to how many people are uploading it. it doesn't affect the actual movie.

for example, if 2 people are seeding, and 400 people are downloading, the health of the torrent would be poor


if 800 people are seeding and 400 people are downloading then the torrent health would be good :D

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Err, no. Health (sometimes called Availability) is a measure of how many copies of the entire torrent are present, in the aggregate, in the entire swarm.

If you have one-third of it, Joe has a different third, and I have the last third of it, then between us, in the aggregate, we have one complete copy in the swarm for a health of 100%. This torrent will eventually complete, after the three of us have swapped all our pieces.

A health of less than 100% or 1.0, means there are NO complete copies present in the aggregate, and that this torrent will not complete unless somebody with the missing pieces joins the swarm in the future.

If the health is 85%, then after you've all been downloading for a while, you'll all swap all of the available pieces, and you'll all have an 85% completion, whereupon your download will stop. If somebody new joins the swarm with 0%, they'll download from all the rest of you until they, too, get up to 85% and will then be waiting with the rest of you, hoping somebody joins with the missing 15%.

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