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Version 0.79 not respecting half open limit


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I'm using BitComet 0.79 on Vista Ultimate edition (TechNet download).

I've set Max simultaneous half-open TCP connection to 4 in Preferences, but when I look under Statisitics for a dowload I see for example

Half-Open: 8[MAX:10]

Its more than just cosmetic as I also get the occasional event in the system logs complaining about having too many half-open connections.

As a side note, I took a look under TCP/IP Limit and the Current OS Version shows as "OS unrecognized." form.

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This feature is only for Winxp sp2

I would not attempt to alter this using Vista O/S

I'm sure our developers will consider incorporating vista into our client when windows vista is released.


Want to clarify that i'm not trying to extend the O/S limit beyond 10 half-open connections. I'm want the BitComet client to not attempt to use more than 4 half-open connections so I have 6 more free for other applications.

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It's my understanding that any torrent client will use much more connection attempts, but they will be held in queue, and a max of 10 will be "open" at a time.

I don't think it is possible to limit the amount of attempts to establish these connections.

Dark Shroud posted a topic regarding this here...


The option in the new Bit Comet client is to alter the amount that windows will allow, not the amount that Bit comet requests.

As I stated before, this option cannot, and you certainly should not attempt to use it with Windows Vista. I would allow your operating system to manage which half open connections are active.


ps. I am requesting that Dark Shroud review this topic, in case either of us is misunderstanding something.

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Ok, yes I'm glad you didn't try the TCP/IP mod as that's only for XP & 2003 and can really screw up Vista.

Don't worry about the "[MAX:10]," that is showing what the system limit is. When you set the program limit to 4 did you reboot the client?

Hi Dark_Shroud,

I've restarted the client a couple of times since

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