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Removed files should move to recycle bin!!!!!!!

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as "Remove Task" and "Remove Task & all Files" are too close together, sometimes it will make ppl accidentally remove files......

so its better to move those deleted .torrent or files to recycle bin/ trash bin instead of deleting directly.

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There are confirmation windows that appear on clicking "Remove Task...". My suggestion is to swap "OK" & "Cancel" buttons in "Remove Task & All Files" to "Cancel" & "OK"; "Cancel" still highlited by default. No need to write a lot of code :)

Another suggestion: make one and only button "Remove" in main window that shows confirmation window with either checkbox or radio button that must be clicked on before clicking "OK" to erase task & all files. Or make two checkboxes unmarked by default - for deleting "task only" and "all files"; maybe second is unclickable until first is checked.

Make more trouble for people willing to destroy the hard work of seeders :)

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Hmm I think this is just fine. If you want to remove a task just hit Delete key on your keyboard. Cancel is marked by default so you can't delete it by accedent.

And if you want to remove task and files then you right-click -> remove -> remove task and files.

Deleting with the Delete key is faster anyway. And in 99% of the time it is using delete task not delete task and files. It is alot safer to delete the task go and reveiw your files and then if you want delete the files manually. I am using this method and never deleted task or files by accedent till now.

I like this suggestion with the checkboxes. You can remove the option remove task and files from the right click menu and make it when hit delete key or choose rightclick remove task on the confirmation window to have a checkbox -> "delete files too".

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I agree with this one!

Either make the remove options more clear and seperate from each other or just make the remove task & all files delete the files to the recycle bin instead of permanately deleting them.


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