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download speed of 20 kbps via DSL


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hi. i have a dsl connection. According to the service provider speed is between 100-385kbps. but when i download using bitcomet or even the windows download manager, max rate is around 24kbps. is this normal?

Btw, can anyone recommend a torrent site with classic p***?

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Hi there.

You may try some speed guides from this forum; although I'd recommend you read this Wikipedia article beforehand. I hope you have 24 kB/s speed, as BitComet measures speeds in kilobytes, rather than kilobits. 3 kB/s over DSL would really be miserable, athough 192 kbit/s seems quite normal...

Classic p***? I have almost 1TB of it via Direct Connect within my district's LAN, so I never bothered myself searching for it over I-net :)

To think of it... TPB guys boasted they have tons of it, but they ask for registration. Well, I mean The Phoenix Bay :)

Or google for "torrent search" (including quotes) - you'll get most well-known sites within first few pages to ask "xxx" there for...

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Const is correct, as you are confusing bits "b" with Bytes "B"

your isp provides speeds in bits, and bit torrent protocall measures Bytes

8 bits = 1 Byte

Now you speeds should seem more in line with your connection.


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