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Cannot Get Downloads At Reasonable Speed

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I use a DSL internet connection provided by SBC, with a connection speed of 100mbps. I use Pc-Cillin Internet Security 2005's firewall, with ICF disabled. I do not use a router, hardware firewall, or share my connection. My BitComet download speed is currently 37 kb/s and upload is 14kb/s. BitComet listens on port 52000, with an appropriate exception for incoming and outgoing traffic with my firewall in place. All this being said, however, I have been downloading two fairly large files for three days. One, 6.05 GB, is at 39.2 percent completion with its health rated at 194%. The other, 3.71 GB, is 18.1% downloaded with its health above 2000%. However, there are 104 possible peers, and I am only connected to 52 of them. I was just wondering if I could decrease the download time, as it seems a trifle inane that it will apparently take 12 days to download a 6GB file. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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The first question is, are you showing any peers with REMOTE initiations?

If not, then you can probably speed it up, but it also means your port isn't open despite what you think.

If so, then the next question is, have you capped your global maximum upload speed? If this is set too high it will greatly slow your download.

If you've sorted both of those, you're probably doing the best you'll be able to. Speed is heavily dependent on the swarm composition, which you can't affect.

(BTW, you might want to re-check that line speed. No DSL delivers 100 Mb/s. You'd need your own T4 to get that, as a T3 caps out at 44.7 Mb/s.)

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Yes, I agree about the speed.

Your lan card might be rated at 100mb/s, but that is not your isp rated speed.

From what you have told us concerning your bit torrent speed, I would think you have maybe 1mb/s not 100

You also prob. have all your upload bandwidth used to send data, so your client is sluggish to respond to the tracker, therefore giving you slow download speed as well.

Assuming this is correct (which I can not be certain), I suggest you limit your upload speed to 10kB/s, and see if that helps increase your download speed.

However, this will mean you have to seed the torrent longer after download completes to keep your ratio correct, but it could greatly increase your download.

If you can provide us the correct speed of your isp, both upload and download, we could provide a better accessment of your settings.


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When you set your speed in BitComet, do it carefully.

I suggest to read this topic made by bitdave. There are a lot of clues and some of them are about upload connection, e.g. if you decide to set Global Max Upload Rate about 50% then you need to think about Global Max upload slots, how many peers you are uploading to at the same time. It is good if you upload at least 3 or 4 kB/s pre one peer.

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For my own connection, it helped lots to cap the upload speed by each and every torrent. The lower the upload speed, the better the download speed was. So I set a cap on 3 kb/s when downloading and removed the limit when seeding later. Perhaps it might help you as well.

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