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Global maximum upload slots bugged with bitcomet


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Hello i have set my global maximum upload slots at 12 but this cap doesnt seem to work.

I have tried to uninstall reboot and reinstall and reboot this doesnt seem to work, I tried with earlier version of bitcomet too and the same thing happens.

As a result most of the peoples downloading from me download at 0 KB/s even though my maximum upload is at 130KBps.

My settings are in this picture. It seems that the upload cap is actually equal to the max connection per task setting i tried to set this at 100 also and this will set max upload slot to 100 as well but this isnt a good solution i think.


The result in this picture. My upload at the moment the picture was taken was at 125KB/s but most everyone is downloading at 0 kbps


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This problem is the only reason why I switched to uTorrent.

Here is something you can try; though i dont know if it will help. Set the Global min upload slots at 2 and set Connections to keep at 2, dont worry it wont affect your downloading speed. See if Bitcomet respects your upload slots limit with them set like this.

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My upload slots while leeching still hasn't changed always between 19-25 peers. It was the same before changing the setting.


And upload slots are stuck at 5 while seeding.This is closer to my upload cap but my upload speed this way is much reduced, around 10-16kB/s :huh:


What i really like about bitcomet is the ability to cache a whole file as long as you have enough ram this is really good when you want to seed for a long time or leeching big files without killing your hard drive.

I haven't found any other bittorent client that can do that as well.

But this bug with the upload slot caps is really annoying to me.

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Ohh i just tried the last version of utorrent and it actually has that disk caching feature as well and the upload slots cap works perfectly. Thanks a lot mentioning it Bitdave :)


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I have the same problem with 0.70. When leeching it seems to work roughly normally, I set the max up slots to 4 and it reaches 8-9 sometimes. But when I seed, this is a disaster, it can reaches 20-21 slots during a good period :o

I will try with the latest version of BC and see...

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Yes... It's a well known bug.. Another well known bug I might add.

BitComet is a wonderful/the best (imo, of course) application for BitTorrent downloading - but as soon as it comes to initial seeding it really is bad. It's not a seeding tool, and that is very sad.

BitComet lacks the uploadslotlimit feature. Instead of an uploadslotlimiter, the developers have chosen to do, so BitComet is able to adjust the uploadslots automatically. BUT it can't do that, if it dosn't know what your uploadbandwidth is. (That sounds logical, but the problem is that close to none BitComet users know this (besides the users on this forum of course) ).

So you have to limit your upload to 15% below your maximum uploadspeed.

My maximum uploadspeed is about 80 ~ 82 kB/s.

So when I seed at full speed, I adjust the uploadlimiting to 83kB/s.


It does improve it, but it's long from perfect. Try it and tell me if you have any luck.

I am not aware, if the strategy is improved in the latest version (0.93), as I didn't have the lust to test it when it still has the tracker-response-error-bug.


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