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leeching and seeding

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i have finished downloading the torrent. its a comic and i cant view them. what do i do? do i have to download something else?

another question: what is the leeching and seeding for? will it have an impact on whether i can view the files or not?

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What filetype does the comic have? If it has a .rar filetype you'll need WinRar: www.rarlabs.com

And NO, you don't have to seed if you want to view your downloaded file (In this case: The comic). But PLEASE SEED to ATLEAST 1:1. You can watch this in BitComet under U/D Ratio. It needs to be 1.0, or 1.1.


Seed = Upload and share your file with others. Sharing Is Carring, so thats why you have to seed to atleast 1:1 (1.1 in BitComet)

Leech: = Downloading a file through a torrent.. NOTE: A "Leech" is also defined as a person who dosen't share with others. (If you dosen't seed to atleast 1:1). This person is VERY bad for the Bittorrent network, because everybody needs to share, to keep a torrent healthy.

Just ask if you need an answer on any other question. :)

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thanks so much for the help xstrem. and the comics a .cbr . what do i need for that?

ok, i understand that being a leech is a negative thing. could you explain how to share the files? i think i seeded a movie correctly, but just making sure.

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You're very welcome! :) .

I just answer your PM here. Then other people can read it too. :) ..

If it's a .cbr you can use WinRAR for uncompressing the comic. ( http://www.rarlabs.com ) .

But it's a comic, wich contains pictures. So I will suggest you use "CDisplay" .. ( http://cdisplay.techknight.com/setup.zip ) .. This application does so you don't have to decompress all the files at once like WinRAR. Just open the .CBR file with CDisplay. ;) .

If you want to share a file, just leave the torrent in BitComet after you have downloaded it 100%.

Look at this image:

http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/6412/10bcwy6.png . When it says "1.0" and a bit more, you have uploaded the torrent 100%. (1:1).

Now, if you just want BitComet to take care of this and stop automatically when you have seeded a torrent 1:1, look at this function:

http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/6995/autostopwhen11zo4.png ..


I hope you understand now. :)

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this is about seeding..

if i change the location of the downloaded file, will it still be able to seed??

it's just that when i downloaded bitcomet, everythin was at default so the location where the downloads go is at default

but my C: drive is running out of space so i wanna transfer the new downloaded files into another drive

would that be a problem for 'seeding'???

yes, i'm new so i dont understand everythin u should or shouldn't do for seeding

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1. Stop the torrent but don't remove it.

2. Move the file to where you want it.

3. Back in Bitcomet, right-click on the torrent name and select "Properties"

4. In the "General" tab, click the "Browse" button

5. Navigate to where you moved the contents.

If it's a directory, navigate to the location containing the directory, not the directory itself. (BitComet only)

6. Change the task to "Seed"

7. Select "Start now" and click "OK"

8. Check the torrent and make sure it's at 100%. If it isn't, stop the torrent and perform a manual hash check. If it still doesn't say 100%, you've got the location wrong in step 4, so try again.

9. Seed away.

This procedure can also done for torrents that have not yet completed downloading, btw.

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General note: Seeding helps the leechers keep downloading so that when they complete their download they can seed as well, and in turn help the other leechers download the file even faster

Now remember only seeding to 1:1 doesn't help much... more like 2:0 that's more respectable but it's all up to you.

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Actually Mut1late is right. But 1:1 is the ABSOLUTE minumum.. Sharing the file under 1:1 is a no-no!. Personally I share to 1:1, because that's the only rule in P2P. Upload ALWAYS as much as you have downloaded. This will help other users. If you have a crazy upload connection, you can seed much more of course.

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