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can't get rid of old torrent files on my bitcomet home page.

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Every time I open up Bitcommet I have the same files in my list. No matter what I do I can't seem to get rid of them permanently. I delete the task and the downloaded files and I wiped them off my downloaded file on the desktop. but everytime I re-open the program they reappear. I can download new stuff but it disapears after the program is closed and the old files come back. please help.

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BitComet keeps its task list in the file "downloads.xml", located in the program directory. When a new task is added or an old task deleted, BC attempts to rewrite this file, but if there's a problem, it doesn't happen. Unfortunately, BC doesn't throw an error so you aren't alerted to it.

The most common (by far) cause of the problem is not having write permission for the file or the directory it's in. This has become even more commonplace since Vista, but since you didn't bother to tell us what OS you're using, ahem, ahem, we can only guess that this may be the issue here.

When you ask for help, always include the version of BitComet you're using, your OS and revision level, and your connection including the presence or absence of a router.

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