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yello circle icon - what does it mean?

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hi guys,



i've noticed that after completing a download, Bitcomet will change the torrent icon to a yellow circle and performing some percentage. i have no idea with it because there is this 33% but it is obvious it was finished because the overall percentage displayed below is 100%.

what does this mean? and what is it for? thanks

im using

Bitcomet: 1.14

Connection: Broadband DSL

Router: LinkSYS

OS: Windows XP Pro SP3

Firewall: Windows Firewall

Antivirus: Kaspersky

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The yellow circle signifies that BitComet is hash-checking the file's integrity (to see if all of the pieces are actually there).

When it does this, you will see the percentage start at 0% and rise to 100% (showing that test is running). When the hash-check finishes, BitComet will show a new percentage (be it 33%, 100%, or whatever). This 'new' percentage is the REAL amount of the file that you actually have.

If your download is, indeed, complete, it will appear as 100% and usually show a green circle. If it is incomplete (less than 100%), it will continue to download the missing pieces,

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Yes, it does. That whole page needs some work.

The green circle icon should be labelled "stopped and complete. You'll notice that the icon right about it, the grey circle, says exactly the same thing. There's no need for two icons to indicate the same condition.

(Hey, who used up all of the round tuits?)

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