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Retrieving Download Tasks

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Hmm it's a bummer isn't it? It would have been so much easier if you launched this question before uninstalling.

Anyways, here we go:

1.I haven't uninstalled Bitcomet in a long time so I don't remember for sure if it leaves the configuration files behind. In the latest version you can find in the program folder a file named Downloads.xml.bak which is a backup copy of the tasks file. If you're lucky enough to find that, and to have it be the version before uninstalling, then you just delete the actual downloads.xml file then delete the .bak extension of the other one and you're done. If not:

2.Look in the Torrents folder in the program's directory. Just the same, if you're lucky enough, you might still find the .torrent files there. So you open each one you need in Bitcomet, hit the "Download later" button in the dialog box that pops up and after you added all those you need, perform a Manual hash check on every one of them to get them to pick up where they left. Then hit the start button. If you don't find the .torrent files you need in the Torrents folder you can try to still find them in the C:\Documents and Settings\%YourProfile%\Local Settings\Temp folder (that is, assuming that you system drive is C:). If you can't find them even there then you're kind of screwed. You'll have to go for the most painful way:

3.Go to the sites where you got the .torrent files in the first place, and download them once again. Once you've added them in the tasks list do the same as above.

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Just to add to what greywizard said in Number 3...

Make sure that the .torrent is the exact same one that you had before - not merely one with the same contents. Failure to do this will result in rendering your (previously) incomplete downloads as totally useless--> you'll have to start the download over again, from zero.

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And with the latest versions of BitComet (1.14 and maybe some earlier ones), BitComet stores a copy of all torrents that you load, into the /archive subfolder off of the program directory. You can delete this copy when you delete the task, but you must specifically choose to do that. Otherwise, copies of previous torrents will be in that folder.

You may also want to delete older files from the /archive from time to time.

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