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Synchronize http authentification password

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As far as I know, nothing can do this. I don't really want anything to ever be able to do this. My passwords should never be accessible by any other software, and I would fault a browser that didn't protect them enough to make copying them impossible.

If "good" software can get at my passwords, so can "bad" software.

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Lo siento, Cassie, no conozco muy bien el foro, y la verdad es que hago lo posible por postearlo en la mejor ubicacion posible

I'm sorry, Cassie, I don't know the forum very well and the truth is that I do what I can, to post in the best location possible.

No te preocupes. Lo pongo para que tú y cualquiera que lo esté leyendo sepa dónde postear (por eso los muevo, en vez de borrarlos - a veces, eso es lo que hacen en otros foros). ;)

Don't worry. I write it so that you and anybody who may be reading it knows where to post (that's why I move them, instead of deleting them - sometimes, that's what they do, in other forums). ;)

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