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Can't view with mediaplayer

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First time posting. Not having any problems with client or connection at present(hooray) Tried twice to download Star Trek from different sources. most recently, BClink=bc://bt/QUEvU3RhciBUcmVrIDIwMDkgVEVMRVNZTkMgQUFDIFNlY3JldE15dGggS2luZ2RvbSBSZWxlYXNlLzczMzgyMjQ4MC9mMmRlZmQ4NWI0NzI4N2RlNjU0N2FlOWRlZmNjMmNhMzNkZGRlYzFlL1pa

Entire movie downloaded without any problem, but when I try to play it I get a message box that says the file format does not match the AVI extension. Then I get a screen that says "Use Windows Media Player" Finally, I get a pop-up to a webpage (http://freaktorrents.info/block/9.5/)that says "You are trying to play a High Quality Video. Due to server Costs, etc, we decided to protect our Movie Releases and can only be played by our sponsor's custom player. Dont worry as it is still 100% Free. Just download the player to play the video file. We hope you understand this hassle.

Click Here to Download"

Then, it directs me to a site where I can download an installer for a modified version of an opensource viewer. My concern is that the installer is authored by ZangoCash, and is almost certainly spyware. I'd also like to watch the movie I downloaded without infecting my computer.

Does anyone know of a way around this problem?

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That player is a trojan, a piece of malicious software claiming to be something beneficial to you, do NOT install it, and delete the files you downloaded, then do a full scan with a good antivirus, and a good anti spyware program like "Spybot search and destroy" and "ad-aware". You can get them both at Cnet "downloads.com", to make sure your not getting a rogue "sound alike" program that is also a trojan.

You should find a better source for your movies, and always read the comments on them, if the torrent is a few days old, someone usually will have commented if its bad.

I regret that I cannot guide you here, because the movie you report trying to download sounds like it could be an illegal (copyrighted) product, and bitcomet does not support using our product for illegal purposes.


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Thanks Suspect,

That is exactly what I suspected. It appears that the post has a 5sec avi file, a redirect pop-up, and a 600+MB file all strung together so that when the user attempts to open with a media player, they get the 5sec clip,then the redirect. I've already taken the steps you outlined, but since I Didn't run the exe. installer, I think I dodged the bullet. Thanks again.

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