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BitComet Lite (?)


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BitComet Lite isn't anything like that. It's much more like the Bittorrent.org DNA thing, for distributing a particular application or promotional movie via torrent. It was never documented and not at all intuitive to use, so it never went anywhere. AFAIK, neither has DNA, though.

As for a smaller footprint, there's not much point -- this is µtorrent's major honest selling point, and I doubt the utility of competing on that basis, especially at this late date.

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1706.gif.... .,

I don't know what lead me to think that :unsure: ...maybe it was the specifications from when I first saw it (it was on the front page at that time) or maybe I just read it in a hurry..

I understand it now, Sorry!

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the product "bitcomet lite", is a program that packages a single torrent, and the client together in a single file, so a person with no knowledge of torrents, or installed torrent client can be sent, or directed to a bitcomet lite custom made application, and when executing it, would download the target files from bittorrent sources with no need to install software or locate torrents to download.

I like the basic idea, because it sure beats the alternative ways of sending files to computer illiterate users.

Regarding a lightweight torrent client, suitable for use on seedboxes and other servers. I have made this request numerous times. I do agree that uTorrent has this part of the market pretty much to itself, but it would be nice to see a very simple and basic BT only client from bitcomet, and I'll continue to push for it if they feel its a worth goal to expend resources on.

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