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No, I am talking about the task status icon which appears in the task view pane.

For instance, when you have the Max concurrent downloading BT task number set at 3 in Options and you add 6 tasks in a row in BitComet it will start downloading the first 3 and add the other 3 in a downloading queue, at which point they (the last 3) get a grey diamond-like status icon.

This one is missing at the Wiki Bitcomet_task_list page. I found this out today on the other forum, when a user asked about the meaning of this icon and I was going to point him to the Wiki link I gave in the first post, but I saw the description for this one was missing.

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Yes, cassie that's the one. I think it should find its way here, in the Task Status Icons section, and here, since the descriptions for the rest of the icons are already present there.

As you can edit the Wiki pages, I believe, you could put it there directly. But you would need a image of the icon of the same size as the others, I think (they appear to be of PNG type and resolution 22x20).

In the meantime, maybe it is a good idea, indeed, to put on the forum the translation for the page you already have in Spanish (at least as a temporary replacement reference). I'm not sure, though, if the first two from the top of your list are still used by the latest versions (I've never got to see them anyway :) ).

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You beat me to it, Sophia. biggrin.gif

I'll add an English version of the Spanish post, here, in the forums, just in case someone doesn't think of looking at the Wiki.

Gerywizard, I'm not sure with which version the top two icons stopped appearing but, since there are still many users (I, amongst them) that use earlier versions - I see them, when I am downloading/uploading - I don't think that it'll hurt to still have them listed. smile.gif

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