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bitcomet and apphit?


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Looking at filehippo, it says this about bitcomet - "As of April 2008 FileHippo will no longer be updating BitComet. As they have copied the FileHippo site text, files, images and update checker and are passing it off as original work." ( http://www.filehippo.com/download_bitcomet/ )

Looking around, apphit is surly a shameless ripoff of filehippo, a really ugly thing. Why would they do that? If not technically illegal where apphit is hosting, clearly it's simply dirty behavior. Why would a company such as bitcomet do something like this?

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Thank you for reporting this, neither our staff, nor the development team in China were aware of this. I will report this asap, and hopefully this matter can be resolved.

I would also like to say that my responsibilities are limited to providing support, and administrating the English support forums, so I can't speak on their behalf directly, but its my understanding that apphit is not, nor ever was developed by BitComet. It was a partnership where the product/services promote each other, and if these claims are true, I would hope to see the ties between the two be cut, or the copied material removed.

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It's shameful for BitComet to do this. I really liked BitComet and when I found AppHit.com (via BitComet.com website) I really liked that too. Then I found FileHippo.com and realised both looked and operated practically identical.

Internet Archives proof that FileHippo.com was first... with history going back to 2005. AppHit.com only started appearing in 2008.



I used a whois and you can clearly see that both apphit.com and bitcomet.com are affiliated with each other, same registar and everything.

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Same registrar? What do you think THAT proves?

Seriously, it's like me claiming you must be in collusion with my ex-wife because both of you get deliveries from Federal Express, or because you both drive Fords.

I go to both sites today (notice that the message you replied to is from last October) and I have no trouble at all telling one from the other. The layout is different, the colors are different.

I go to BitComet, to any of their sites, and it's "Comet-this", and "That-comet", and "Comet-how's-yer-soul", can't get away from the Comet branding. Go to apphit, no branding. But I bet they both get deliveries from FedEx.

Apphit isn't on BitComet's list of affiliated sites, either. It IS on the list of places you can download BitComet software from. So is download.com, so, aha!, BitComet must also be a part of CNet? And SoftOnic, since you can download it from there too!

My ex still owes me money, so I'm expecting you to pay it, btw. It's shameful of you to have delayed so long paying me.

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