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*** Topic moved ***

When I log on to Bitcomet my username is Headgardener and I have a certain password.

For WW2 Warfare my username is Scarabus and I use the same password.

Somehow I can log into Cometpassport with both usernames but the password on both has lost the last character.

For Bitcomet this does not make a difference, but for WW2 Warfare I sign in with Scarabus and get the year tiles.

Clicking anyone takes me to the refresh page and this takes me back to year tiles and so on. Round and round.

I checked on options the username and password on the web interface and it is Headgardener with the right number of characters in the password.

Please help me get things back as they were.

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Your post is both confusing and humorous, as I fail to see what it has to do with "canceling account" (spelled correctly), nor does it have any mention of "feature suggestions for bitcomet", or anything at all to do with bitcomet that I can see...

From what I can gather your having a problem with an online browser type game that is one of bitcomet's sponsors. These two free products are associated only in the fact that they promote each other. We do not support any games on this forum, and we are not even in contact with their development team, so there is little point in looking for help here.

However, if you need help with bitcomet, next time you post here, take a min and look at where your posting so its in the correct section, and make sure to read our guidelines for requesting support, or our reply will only be to ask for info you should have provided.

Regarding your game problem. I suggest you look at the games documentation and contact their support and/or forum.

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Could you sound more pompous. What you class as a spelling mistake is a case of you not being thorough with any attempt of research.

Cancelling and , to me incorrect, canceling are both acceptable spellings of the word.

Venture outside, in daylight if you have to, and buy a dictionary.

Then match the letters to the words in the dictionary and, if successful, you should see that both spellings are valid.

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Cancelling and , to me incorrect, canceling are both acceptable spellings of the word.

It depends on regionality, actually. If you are using British English, you would normally write the former version, American English, the latter.

As for a dictionary - again, it would depend if you were to use Oxford's or Webster's.

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