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All downloads remain stoped


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Hi, Fellows!

I have the Bitcomet, I have download the torrents, everything seems to be ok. But none of my torrents begins the download of the files. All seeds and peers remain zero! I have downloaded the torrents from mininova, Isohunt and PirateBAy. It`s weird, cause I selectioned files with hundreds of seeds! And nothing happens!

I use Win 7.0 and the last version of BitComet (1.15).

I have internet cable connection.

At first, I could download 100% of two files but, after, the prolblem begins. Have anyone an idea of how I can fix this problem?



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If the you have a green status light in BitComet and you get 0 seeds/peers for a torrent, than it means that there are no seeds/peers for that torrent.

It doesn't matter what number of seeds/peers the torrent index site shows you, that number may have been queried days, weeks, or months ago.

The number you see in BitComet is the real number of peers returned by the tracker(s) for that torrent, now!

That's if your connection is OK. To verify that your connection is OK, download Open Office using a torrent from this page.

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I have a feeling that English isn't your primary language, so we might not be fully understanding each other here, so just to be through, I want you to look if your issue might be that your currently running your max allow concurrent downloads, therefore further tasks being added are "queued" until others complete.

If so, this setting can be changed, but just be sure your not running more tasks then your bandwidth can support. If you do that, you won't be an attractive peer (little to offer other peers), and your performance will suffer.

If you have no other tasks running, then disregard my reply, greywizard's reply was through, and covered all other possibilities.

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When you begin the usual torrent transfer, the first necessary step is to acquire the addresses and port numbers of some interested peers, as you know. Peers are acquired as a list (metafile, really) from the tracker, and/or from DHT if it is enabled for the .torrent.

You should look at the TRACKERS tab for a torrent that has been running for a few minutes, to see what responses, if any, you are getting from the tracker(s). It may be that you aren't communicating with it/them, so aren't getting the metafile with the peer list.

If the tracker shows no error and indicates that the contact was OK, then this is indeed a dead torrent, and you should either try to track down it's origin index site to request a re-seed, or try to find another torrent with the same material that is being actively transferred.

If the tracker IS showing an error, you will need to try to repair that error if you can. Knowing what error it is will help us to diagnose the problem.

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First of all, thanks a lot for the support. Unusual suspect, you're right, and I must apologize for my terrible english... I'm trying hard..

Ok, all lights are green. And GreyWizard, I will text your sugestion about the Open Office. What I could believe, is how is possible the progrm shows five hundred seeds and noone is on line!

Dear Unususal S., I have 5 currently downloads trying to run. I will check this setting, for sure, but I do not think the problem is there. And thanks Kluelos for the tip. With all this support It will be easier to solve this puzzle.

Hoho, I did not tell you all information. I'm using the Kaspersky Anti-virus (Win 7 new version) and. since I instaled it, all downloads stoped like I said before. sorrey, but only now I remembered it!

I am in my work office now and as soon as I arrive home today I will try again, with the Open Office torrent. I will post the results, ok?

Thank you all very much and sorry again for my poor english!

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Ok, everyone!

The problem was the Kaspersky Anti-virus. His Firewall was blocking the BitComet. I allowed BitComet and It starts to run!

I`m still in trouble to manage the Kaspersky in order to create an exception to bitComet. But now I can at least get the files I want.

Thanks for helping me and for the patience with my horrible english!


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