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What's wrong with Cometbird


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Hey, what's wrong with Cometbird recently? It doesn't save my passwords which is pretty annoying (the function is switched on), the word translator isn't working (also switched on) and comet marks always says "server error" and can't log in. Used to be my fav browser now I'm thinking of replacing it. Reinstalled it... nothing happened. I'm using W7 RC1 and I know there might be some compatibility issues but so far (for about 6 months) it was working just fine. Can u advise me what to do?


P.S. One more thing that is pretty annoying is that when I go to my favourites and select a page left-click doesn't open it. I have to right-click and choose "open" from the context menu.

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Word translation depends on contacting a server somewhere to do the translating. If the server is down, then it can't be contacted and translation can't be done. Likewise with CometMarks, they're stored on a server. If the server's down, then the bookmarks can't be retrieved from it.

Obviously, neither of these are a problem with/fault of the browser.

You say that Cometbird doesn't save your passwords. What happens when you try/why do you think so? Is it just new passwords, or are your old passwords affected? A lot more detail would be helpful here.

I'd suggest you go ahead and replace Cometbird, unhappy as you appear to be with it.

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On my desktop when I enter a password Cometbird asks me if I want to save it. On my notebook (versions of windows and cometbird are the same) it doesn't ask me and therefore it doesn't save anything. It's a new instalation of cometbird so there are no old passwords. Anyway thanks for the response and... sorry for posting here. I just saw it's not the right place.

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That behaviour certainly tracks having the function in Options --> Security -> Remember Passwords for sites unchecked.

You should look at this again to make sure it is presently enabled. If it is, try disabling it and exiting, then restarting CometBird and looking at it again to see if it's still off. (Testing whether the profile's being written properly. Go ahead and enable it again.)

Exit from Cometbird. Locate your profile in the %appdata% folder. Move it somewhere you can find it again. Restart Cometbird and redo this and maybe some other preferences, then visit here and log in. See if you get asked about remembering, then exit and come back to see if the login is remembered at all/correctly. Look at the Saved Passwords in the options, and see whether there is an entry for this site, and whether the entry is correct (not blank). If this all seems ok, it indicates that your original profile was damaged somehow, and you should probably delete it.

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6_wheeler you may have a problem but that's not an excuse to break as many forum rules as possible, at once.

  1. you necroposted (this topic is more than 2 months old);
  2. you posted in the wrong section (this is CometBird not BitComet section);
  3. you jumped in somebody else's topic, stating a problem without even the slightest resemblance to his problem;
  4. you haven't provided the minimum information requested in a post for help (which is mentioned in the Read This Before Posting announcements all over the forum).

So, do you honestly expect a fruitful reply to this one post?

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