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CAn it Be speed Up?????


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i just wonder bitcomet 1.16 version ..... can it be other software like (bitcomet speed up pro) or (bitcomet turbo) can be speed up little bit when i downloading.

is it ,, will effect any of my os system.


just any setting that i miss to set it up , in order to speed up my downloading.

i hope someome can help me to speed up my download speed with aNY PROBELM.

guy bring up something to cheer me up :)

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i m so so sorry ..... about the posting thing.yesterday i thought i forgot post my topic into this forum.

about my internet speed now 1mbps and my downloading speed is 170kbps keep maint this speed.

but something it decrease down to 20kbps even i downloading a file which is the file have a high seed(around 2000seed and 1200 leech)

about my setting in my os there. i using window xp sp3 and firewall system i had already shut it down. but my kaspersky i still open it and keep it running when i downloading movie.

on the other hand my bitcomet system there , i had already shut it down the daily auto update bitcomet and emule also. my listen port i set it up to 27721.

and other setting just like normal.

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Well, you didn't provide answers to every question from the topic I linked you to.

Besides, your English is not very good; so, from what I can gather so far, I'll tell you this:

  1. BitComet measures speed in KBytes (KB) as opposed to most Internet Service Providers which advertise their speeds in Kbits (Kb). So, if you have an Internet connection with 1Mb/s advertised speed, it means you can get a theoretical maximum of 1Mb = 125KB/s, downloading speed in BitComet.
  2. In order to make that happen, make sure that you have a green status light in the lower right corner of BitComet (in the status bar).
  3. Also make sure that your global upload rate is limited to 80% of your tested line upload speed. Or at least use the Network Wizard to choose your connection type and advertised speed.

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So-called "accelerators" for Bittorrent are ineffective and often fraudulent.

If you happen to learn something about how bittorrent works, then you will immediately understand that their explanations of how they supposedly work, are impossible, and wrongheaded to begin with.

For example, some of them claim to find more seeders for you. Now, in the first place, every transfer that bittorrent clients make between themselves is a purely mutual decision -- there's nothing you can do to induce my client to send anything to yours -- and if you observe a torrent in progress for a while, you will notice that the vast majority of the pieces you receive come from other leechers like yourself, not from seeders.

Those who get the fastest speeds and best connections are themselves offering fast speeds and good connections -- they make of themselves very desirable trading partners, so they have the pick of the best. Peers tend to find their own level in bittorrent. Those who are slow and unreliable don't get offers (or acceptances of any offers they make) from anyone except the slow and unreliable who can't find anyone better.

You achieve that by good management, which external software won't help you to do. Just learn what you're doing and pay attention to it.

This is as it should be, a seeder tries to spread pieces to as many others as possible, and tries to spread the rarest pieces first. You can't remotely influence their behavior.

Most of the rest of what such "turbo boosters" say they will do for you, you can do for yourself by just reading and following our settings guide and our FAQ.

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