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Bitcomet gadget


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IF I'm right that's the windows sidebar (it could be the one from google) on windows 7, there are other gadgets for torrent searching and you can use bitcomet's floating window for anything else.

I do agree that a gadget from BitComet would be helpful for those who use the sidebar to show a mini task list with a set amount of active tasks and a quick access to other bitcomet features...but that's up to the development team to decide.

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Vasy . yes it's windows side bar and it will be very nice to make one for bitcomet and i think it will be better than the floating window

sophia0316. that site just i uploaded an image shows some gadgets as an example if anyone didn't under stand what i mean by gadget

and yes I'm using bitcomet search bar but it will be much easier and better searching from the desktop via the gadget and it will be very nice looking

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This sidebar :)

And by the term "gadget" he means a custom object on that side bar, like the clock in the picture below.


If you're on win XP you can try the google desktop sidebar to understand what's this all about.

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...that site just i uploaded an image shows some gadgets as an example if anyone didn't under stand what i mean by gadget...

I do know what the term gadget means; it is you on the other hand, who is a little off about that.

Gadget (as software) means, in the usual acceptance, a little application which runs as an extension of a main application program and relies on it for performing some basic level operations instead of containing all the code for running as a standalone program. That way it can keep a light code, a small footprint in memory and simply do its job.

In your case you might have seen the term gadget, being used for the Windows Sidebar gadgets, and automatically assumed that there is the only place and category under which an application would dare call itself a gadget. I hate to break it to you but you are wrong.

So, to come back to the first subject, my previous post was not about the sense of the word "gadget" but about the fact that you didn't really explain or at least state which functionality do you think BitComet lacks at present time (speed and progress are accessible by floating window) that you would like to see it present.

Or if it is only the simple fact that you wish a Windows Sidebar gadget of BitComet, you should have specified exactly which features do you need and miss most and that would be of very great help to you in a gadget.

Frankly, I might be biased because I didn't ever really like the Sidebar and usually had it closed, most of the time. But I'd rather see BitComet's code being kept tight and light than watching it getting bloated with tons of not-so-essential graphical bells and whistles.

Sure, I'm the first one to appreciate a well designed (but needed) piece of graphical interface. As for the rest, I'd rather that the team kept going on about implementing core functionalities (as it does now) than using that time for designing additional pieces of graphical interface which won't add to its functionality. But that's just my two cents worth.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not really lobbing for any of the sides, I'm just stating my opinions about this. I'm not part of the developing team and don't have a saying in what features will or won't get implemented. Maybe if other users think it's desirable too, it will get implemented.

But I feel that the desire for comfort in using software applications, when it gets past a certain reasonable point, becomes a good premise for the death of brain cells. ;)

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anyway thx for the information it was just a suggestion to create a gadget for bitcomet because i thought that it will be better looking and more flexible "i don't mean that the floating window is bad" and nice graphic is good for gather more non bitcomet users to use it ^^

and i don't need specific function in i just said the idea of the gadget and making bitcomet better good looking in my mind and i leave the function of the gadget for the developers imagination i trust that they will create an awesome one

by the way the reason that i started this topic is i saw the daemontools gadget so i said why they created one it's useless but when i started to use it i found it's cool and by looking at the floating window and said why bitcomet didn't make a gadget too so I'm here asking for it ^^

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I want to speak up for those of us who just despise sidebars, let alone gadgets. I don't even like the floating window, so I'm glad I can turn it off. Citizens, arise! Fight for your uncluttered desktops! Fraternity, equality, and the right to remain silent!

Or something.

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