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TCP port blocked? amidoinitrite?

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1)BitComet ver: 1.17

2)Connection type: ADSL

3)Router model: 2WIRE 2700HG-E

4)i have 1 router with 2 laptops connected via wireless (one is mine the other a roomate's)

5)im running Windows Vista Home Premium with windows and norton firewall

6)non-specific torrent file (all downloads in general)

7)SPEEDTEST:Download: 2.76Mb/s Upload: 0.84Mb/s

I followed soraiya's thread on portforwarding and im still getting an average download speed of 7-8kB/s

i used portforwarding to open ports 6881-6889 but it shows that tcp is still being blocked by firewall

pls tel me wat im doin rong.


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Did you create 2 distinct rules (one for TCP and one for UDP)?

Your router doesn't allow you to create a single rule for both protocols.

I can see that your UDP port is open, already.

i think that might be the problem because i set up tcp and udp both as 6881-6889, how would i go about creating 2 distinct rules?

SPEC CHANGE: my os has changed to windows vista black edition 2009 thank you.


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Port forwarding seems to be OK.

Check the firewall rules to see if TCP inbound connections can pass through.

Or even delete every BitComet rule in your firewall and create new one(s) to allow both TCP and UDP in, on the listen port of BC.

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You are creating rules for ports 6881-6889. This isn't advised, and is the result of a lot of confusion.

Those are the listening ports that the original bittorrent client used, back when Cohen guessed this would take several ports.

Mark the whole question "false".

Choose just one port, that's all that turned out to be needed and all that BitComet uses. It can't use more. Good, since you don't have to fuss with port ranges.

To avoid interfering with ports nominally used by other applications, choose a port above 51000.

Simplify your life. Use port 65432, and just have done with it. Really hard number to forget. In the right range. No port works any better than any other port, there is no "right" port, nothing "works better" if you use any port instead of another, and this has already all taken much more time than it's worth.

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So, you expect US to pull with a clamp from you, all over again, the same questions that were asked in the posts above?

I don't think that's gonna happen.

The least you can do is read every post above, and consider that every question was directed to you.

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