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easy it dont connect, mine has the same issue :(

Elaborate= Unable to sign in CometPassport at this time. You can still download, but your rank and score points will not be collected.

unless someone has a way to get more info about this out of bitcomet, its the best i can provide

PS, it was connecting fine until yesterday when i updated from v1.16

BC Version = 1.17

ADSL connection 10mb down 756kb up, verified at speedtest.net

All ports set correct in router and double checked

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It sounds to me like you're being told that the server has gone down -- that "at this time" bit.

If you're posting here to complain about that, we're not Passport and they don't read this forum, so your complaints won't reach anyone who could provide any information or do anything about it.

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Hi Kluelos,

Thanks for your reply, nope im not complaining lol, more i am looking for help ;)

24 hours later its still not connecting however if i use an incorrect password it replys "username and password dont match" but with the correct pass it sits at the signing in window for 3 or 4 mins

Where is the best place to head to for help in this issue?



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I feel like asking for help at Passport has been pretty futile, but you can try there and at Tocomet.

They have a new site, CometID.com which may offer more consistent help and current information. We're also not them and vice-versa, but give it a try.

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