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problem with the door in listening stopped of bitcomet help me!!!I am italian!!

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Ciao, vi scrivo da Italia perché ho un problema che non riesco a risolvere con la cometa di bit, non ci sono forum italiano per Comet po 'e non sapevo a chi per affrontare in modo io uso il traduttore automatico di Google per leggere e scrivere, spero di rispondere in modo molto semplice.

il problema che ho è che la cometa po '1,17 mi conviene molto lento e la voce in basso è il segno di una luce gialla che dice che: la porta di ascolto è inceppata. lui / lei ancore per scaricare, ma probabilmente per accelerare reduced.to verificare la configurazione del router nel firewall e NAT sezioni. Ho già provato a pianificare il firewall, ecc .. ma non ho risolto nulla .. Spero che mi aiuta te e che hai capito il mio sforzo di scrivere in un forum in lingua inglese .. Grazie a tutti in anticipo spero che possa risolvere il mio problema :rolleyes:

Hi, I write you from Italy because I have a problem that I don't succeed in resolving with the comet of bit, there am no Italian forum for Comet po 'and I didn't know to who to face in way I use the automatic translator of Google to read and to write, hopes to answer in very simple way.

the problem that I have is that the comet po '1,17 suit me very slow and the voice in low it is the sign of a yellow light that says that: the door of listening is clogged. him / her anchors to unload, but to accelerate reduced.to to verify the configuration of the router in the firewall and NAT probably sections. I have already tried to plan the firewall, etc.. but I have not resolved anything.. I Hope that it helps me you and that you have understood my effort to write in a forum in language English.. Thanks to all in advance I hope that can resolve my problem :rolleyes:

(*Loose Translation, for anyone else reading this thread* - cassie)

Hello. I'm writing from Italy because I have a problem with BitComet that I cannot resolve. There are few Italian forums for BitComet and I don't know who to turn to... so I'm using Google's automatic translator for reading and writing. I hope you are able to answer me, in a very simple manner.

The problem that I have is that BitComet 1.17 downloads very slow for me and the yellow light says that the listen port is blocked. My download [continues] but, probably, its speed will be reduced. It tells me to check the firewall and NAT configuration in the router. I've already tried forwarding the port, etc.... but have not resolved anything..

I hope that you are able to help me and that you understand my effort to write in a forum, in English.

Thank you all, in advance. I hope that you'll be able to solve my problem. :rolleyes:

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I've deleted your other posts, since this is an English forum and the International section doesn't have an Italian section yet.

You need to provide all the info requested in the Read This Before Posting announcement before we can give you any direct advice.

You can also consult the How to Set up Portforwarding & Static IP guide on this forum and also this Wiki FAQ topic.

The thing is, that if you don't understand English very well I'm not sure how useful they'll turn out for you. Maybe you can find a friend which understands English and can translate everything for you.

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Better yet, though, if you could encourage said friend to become an Italian translator for this forum, they'd be very welcome. Translators don't need a lot or technological knowledge, we can supply that. But computer-based translation is truly terrible.

"The comet of bit". I like that. "The door of listening is clogged." These are great!

I used a computer translator to translate the English poem, "Jabberwocky", from English to Spanish, then Spanish to German, then German to French, and finally French back to English. It was pretty funny what came back.

You might do a little better with our Spanish version of the FAQ, so try that too.

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I am not interested to make all these applications, I translate me same your response, please help my problem to resolve me with bitcomet? you have already understood the problem that ho,vi always thanks for the help if you are prepared to aiutarmi,non I succeed in decontrolling the door of bitcomet,

I am not interested in aswering all of those questions. I can translate the reply.

Please help me to resolve my problem with BitComet - you have already understood the problem that I have.

If you are willing to help me, I will always be thankful, as I cannot unblock the port for BitComet.

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Buenas noches, badgirl86.

Aunque no hablo italiano, si hablo español y pienso que es lo suficientemente parecido, como para que me entiendas.

Cómo greywizard y kluelos te intentan decir, el problema de abrir tu puerto de escucha no es algo tan complicado de hacer si conoces la configuración de tu propio sistema y tu propio rúter. Claro, esto es algo que nosotros, desde aquí, no sabemos, ya que no estamos delante de tu PC (por eso te han pedido que contestes algunas preguntas - para poder saber algo específico de tu sistema y cómo lo tienes configurado).

Por otro lado, no te podemos decir, "Mira, tienes que abrir este puerto en tu rúter y luego escribir tal o cual cosa aquí", ya que cada persona tiene una configuración única para su PC. Ídem para el rúter.

Como ya se ha mencionado, por el presente, no tenemos un traductor italiano. Si piensas que usando Google puedes entender todo lo que se explica - especialmente los términos técnicos - siento desilusionarte. Varias personas ya lo han intentado, en el pasado, y han tenido que aceptar que un traductor informático no puede captar muchas, muchas cosas que una persona real sí.

Aún así, para no retirarme sin ofrecer algún consejo, te repetiré lo que kluelos ya te sugirió... ¿por qué no visitas el foro español y lees la Guía para Redirigir el Puerto y Establecer una IP Estática (esto es algo muy, muy importante)?

Un saludo. :)

Good evening, badgirl86.

Although I don't speak Italian, I do speak Spanish and I think that it's sufficiently similar, for you to be able to understand me.

As greywizard and kluelos are trying to tell you, the problem of opening your listen port is not something that complicated to do, if you know the configuration of your own computer and your own router. Of course, this is something that we, from here, don't know, as we aren't in front of your computer (that is why they have asked you to answer some questions - in order to know some specifications about your system and how you have it set up).

On the other hand, we cannot tell you, "Look, you have to open this port in your router and then write this or that here", as each person has a unique setup for their computer. Ditto for their router.

As it has already been said, at this moment, we do not have an Italian translator. If you think that by using Google you can uderstand everything that is explained - specially the technical terms - I hate to disillusion you. Various people have already tried it, in the past, and have had to accept that a computerized translator can't pick up on many, many things that a real person can.

Even so, so as to not leave without offering some advice, I'll repeat what kluelos already suggested... why don't you visit the Spanish forum and read the Guide to Portforwarding and Establishing a Static IP (this is something that is very, very important)?

Regards. :)

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