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Probably because you have not adjusted your speed settings properly.

All p2p programs tend to be resource hogs... unless you set limits and tell them otherwise.

I suggest that you read this guide and this one, after running a few speed tests, and fine-tune your client, in order to get the most out of it.

If you still have concerns/doubts, come back here and provide what we consider the Essentials, making sure to include the maximum amount of detailed information (speed test results, the settings that you're using, which Tutorial/s you have followed, etc.) possible - the more, the better.

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I didn`t have this problem while using Windows XP. it just happens on the Windows7 x64. On speedtest.net the ping value is somewhere between 1000-1400 ms while bitcomet is running and the normal value being somewhere at maximum 50ms. The download and upload speed is not affected, 11,25Mb/s and 1,75Mb/s. I`ll read the guides that you`ve suggested.

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Speed tests performed while other applications are using the Internet connection are irrelevant. Especially with BitTorrent clients which are applications known to be bandwidth-hungry.

Besides the ping latency is the last of your concerns in this matter. And if you haven't capped your upload rate as instructed in the guides cassie gave you it's only normal that all the Internet traffic will lag.

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I strongly discommend the use of so called "accelerators" for your BitTorrent client for several reasons.

  1. no "accelerator" will compensate for the laziness or lack of know knowledge of a user or make in his stead the appropriate settings in his BitTorrent client or on his network. If, for instance, your listening port is not forwarded on your router, no "accelerator" will be able to do that in your place.
  2. most of them are merely adware/spyware vehicles or simply bloatware.
  3. do you honestly think that the author of these so called "accelerators" know more intimately how the BitTorrent clients work and the details of BitTorrent protocol than the developers of each respective client, which designed from scratch, developed and actively maintain and improve these said clients? I definitely think not. If there was some magic trick, I find it hard to believe that the designers and developers of these clients know nothing about it while the authors of all these so-called "accelerators" had the big revelation.

The only legitimate claim that some applications meet is tweaking the TCP/IP stack parameters. But that doesn't provide such spectacular boosts of performance unless your stack's parameters were really screwed up, in the first place.

Besides, for the latter versions of Windows some of these parameters (such as the TCP window size, which was the major setting to tune) are dynamic, therefore trying to set them is futile.

And even for an OS which supports that (such as XP) a correct estimation of the RWIN parameter could be made only after actually testing the connection. Not all self-proclaimed "accelerators" (the little ones which even deal with these settings) do that test.

In fact for most of them, you can't even find out what do they actually do. Apart from infecting your computer with spyware/malware/adware or transforming it into a zombie.

So, beware... there be dragons! B)

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